Hi! We are 3D-Tools and we’re here to bridge the gap between what is and what can & will be.

That gap is, right now, rather large!

While the explosive growth of the 3d printing industry is fantastic, it’s also a bit of a challenge for those of us that would not be considered very technical in nature. While it’s not rocket science…well some of it is rocket science…it’s also some what more technical in nature than, say, setting up an HP inkjet printer.

let's see, chapter six: calibration

“Wait, so I need to calibrate the print head too?”

Sadly the days of self sufficiency have passed our society by with our disposable approach to our lives. Things are no longer repaired but instead disposed of when a problem arises. This has been a long time coming and in many respects by design.

3D-Tools is your resource to help bridge that knowledge gap.

Whether you’ve been 3d printing for a while or whether you’re new to the whole game there will come a time when you’ll need some expertise or at least advice on how to do what & when.

3D-Tools would like to be that resource for you! Our team is made up of seasoned business professionals and 3d technology pioneers plus our extensive connections in the industry ensure that your question will be handled in the most effective manner possible. Unlike others in this exploding marketplace we don’t claim to have all the answers, we do promise however to find that answer for you if you place your trust in us to do so.

As this market expands so will our knowledge & by extension yours. I’m happy to be on this voyage with you!

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