Advanced PLA™ – Fusion Fucshia


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3D Fuel Advanced PLA™ Filament is produced from high heat grade PLA, which was developed specifically for the manufacturing of 3D printer filament. High heat grade resin exhibits improved heat-resistance and has faster crystallization rates.
When using 3D Fuel filament made from this resin, you
can expect: low odor, higher print detail/resolution, excellent first layer adhesion, improved adhesion between layers, and reduced warping, curling and failed prints (as reported by the resin manufacturer).

1KG Spool

UPC Code for 1.75mm: ‘0639302732366

UPC Code for 2.85mm: ‘0639302732496

Color Descriptions : 

Bright Fuschia

Technical Specifications for Product

Material: 3D Fuel High Heat Advanced PLA
Diameter Tolerance:
±0.05mm on our 1.75mm filament
±0.08mm on our 2.85mm filament
Density: 1.24 g·cm-3
Glass Transition Temperature: 55-60 ºC
Melt Flow Rate: 7-9g/10 min (210C, 2.16 KG)
Heat Deflection Temp: 144 ºC

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3D Fuel Advanced PLA™ Filament is produced from high heat grade PLA

Additional information

Weight 0.4125 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 x 6.25 x 9.25 in


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