Creatorbot 3D Pro Series IIThe CreatorBot 3D Professional Series 3D printer is engineered for years of trouble free service. Loaded with features, the CreatorBot 3D printer has the largest build volume in its class. The “Pro Series II” features platform distortion correction, an enclosed build chamber with charcoal filtration, dual printer heads, a heated bed for sensitive materials, and many other features! The CreatorBot 3D printer is easy to use and produces high quality prints time after time. Proudly designed and assembled in the USA!

The “Pro Series II” features:

  • self compensating print bed
  • enclosed build chamber with charcoal filtration
  • dual printing heads
  • USB port with WiFi connectivity
  • a 5″ full-color touchscreen with on board memory 
  • heated bed for sensitive materials.


Specifications and Features:


– Build Volume
       305x305x457mm (12x12x18in)
– Total dimensions
       57x62x71cm  (22.5x24.5x28in)
– Printer Weight
       30kg  (65lbs)
– Frame Material
       Industrial quality anodized extruded aluminum

Printer Specifications

–  Print nozzle size
       0.4mm  (0.015748 in)
– Print nozzles
       Dual nozzles for multi-color / material printing
– Nozzle temperature
       Up to 280°c  (536°f)
– Compatible filament
       Accepts 1.75mm filament available from most manufactures. Filament spool can be removed and modified easily
– Print surface
       Magnetically connected precision manufactured borosilicate glass
– Print surface temperature
       Up to 145°c  (293°f)
– Print resolution (layer height)
       50 micron (0.05mm, very fine)  to 400 micron (0.4mm, rapid prototyping)
– Print bed calibration
      Automatic compensation for slight variations of printing surface


–  Connectivity
       WiFi compatible, with network file shares for east transfer of print files
– Power supply
       Powerful, reliable 500watt 12volt available in 120vac or 220vac depending on location
– Control
       Actively cooled Open Source electronics
– Interface
       3.5 inch color touch screen

Standard Equipment List:

Standard Dual Extruder

The CreatorBot Pro Series II comes equipped standard with Dual Extruders. With two extruders, users are able to use soluble support material to make eye-catching prototypes in incredible detail or make multi-color prints.

Automated Platform Leveling

Before every print cycle the CreatorBot Pro Series II runs an automated “platform distortion correction” that ensures that the critical first layer of the print is evenly distributed over the build plate. This enhanced feature probes 16 points across the entire build plate before every print job.

Enhanced User Interface

The 5” LCD color touchscreen adds a completely new interface experience for the user. Most notably, our interface includes:

  • On-board tutorials for easy calibration
  • Access to temperature controls
  • On-board Wi-Fi providing you with network file sharing as well as allowing you to manage prints remotely using a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Filament Out Detection

Equipped with two independently controlled filament-out detectors, the CreatorBot Pro Series II will automatically pause your current print job and allow you to insert more material without missing a beat.

Large Enclosed Volume Print Area

With the largest build volume in its class, the CreatorBot Pro Series II gives the user a full 12” x 12” x 18” tall build envelope even with it’s standard dual print heads. Equipped with a standard heated build plate, you can easily print sensitive materials down to 50 microns. Filament is housed inside the build chamber, keeping exposure to humidity and dust at a minimum. A clear acrylic top dust cover completes the enclosure, trapping heat while a carbon-activated filter manages air filtration within the volume.

Machine Grade Construction

The frame of the CreatorBot Pro Series II is built with extruded aluminum alloy, followed by a hard-anodized layer to protect the surface from oxidation. The electronics and mechanical features are assembled using precision laser cut aluminum fabrications and 3D printed components. This alloy frame can withstand the constant high temperatures, vibration and long print hours associated with 3D printing.

Quick Change Build Plate

Manufactured from Borosilicate plate glass and attached magnetically to the platform, the build plate is easily removable to bring your print safely outside of the machine enclosure. The build plate can be heated to 135°c making it easy to print sensitive materials.

Optional Printer Stand

With the optional printer stand the CreatorBot Pro Series II can use much larger filament spools. The additional storage houses larger filament spools and keeps your workspace neat and organized; a nice compliment to the printer!

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