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Sometimes you need some inspiration. Sometimes you’re bored and can’t think of any thing to print. Sometimes you just want to capture something and see how it would print. A scanner does all this and more.

One such scanner is the Scanify scanner by Fuel3D. It’s handheld, fast and with a high resolution, the scanner delivers on the promise of portability and functionality in an affordable handheld device.

Imagine you’re walking the streets of Rome and happen on an old sculpture hidden in a back alley somewhere in a dusty, lost piazza. Not only can you take a picture of that sculpture but you can now scan that piece and bring it to life on a 3D printer. Or in this very same instance you instead are in Rome studying history for your final dissertation. This piece of sculpture just happens to capture the feel of your paper perfectly and would make a great companion piece to your work.

The possibilities are endless and your ability to capture all of them are limitless now with a portable, high speed, high resolution scanning technology like Scanify!


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January 20, 2016

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