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Now let’s dive into what we, 3D-Tools can do for you!

We got tired of all the other filaments currently available, especially the ABS filament that can damage your health and the environment with it’s toxicity. Not to mention producing less than desired results for your 3D prints!

So we came up with a solution that reduces the toxicity level to be completely safe for your health, with far less impact on the environment.


We also managed to produce the finest PLA filaments for you. Reducing the headaches of clogs, jams and melting issues that prints in higher resolution, really bringing your creations to life.

Our ambition is to fuel your creativity by providing products that you can depend on to print your dreams.

Thinking of getting a 3D printer or upgrading? Good news, we’ve teamed up with the awesome guys at 3DInBox to provide you with the perfect combination for all your creations.

To find out more about them and their printer, send us an email. To find out more about our parent company, click here.

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