Can You Really Get An Industrial Grade 3D Printer For Under $5,000?

Can You Really Get An Industrial Grade 3D Printer For Under $5,000?

Fusion3 3D Printer

If you’re anything like us, we know you’ve spent a long time searching for a low-cost 3D printer that still sits closer to the expensive industrial grade machines, rather than the more economical entry level or consumer grade ones. Well, we’ve finally found it!

The Fusion F400 is an incredible professional-grade / industrial grade 3D printer for under $5,000. Compared to expensive options from 3D Systems or Stratasys, machines usually out of the reach of many people, that price can offer a saving of up to a whopping 80%! Just think of all the 3D printer filament you can get with that savings!

Fusion3 F400-HFR (Both Doors Open)Founded in 2013, Fusion3 set out to fill what we know is a long-felt need to provide affordable, high-performance 3D printers for businesses and educational institutions and now they’ve succeeded in doing that. They’ve developed a machine that produces far superior print quality – at much greater speeds – for a fraction of the cost of the industry’s leading models available on the market today.

Furthermore, if you use your printer within a public or confined space, you know safety can be a concern and again, the Fusion F400 fits the bill. Fully enclosed, with no exposed hot surfaces and an innovative filtration system – meaning much reduced emissions – this printer is one of the safest as well as one of the most affordable.

Then there’s the fact that this machine is capable of printing various filaments* with a melting point at 300°C and below, so you can use a variety of different plastic, nylon and metal infused filaments for your prints. Fusion3 are also constantly testing new materials that can be used with the F400, so it’s more than likely the list of suitable materials will increase further to give you even greater flexibility for your prints.

Here’s an overview of what the F400 can offer:

  • Incredible print speeds so you can see your prints in record time
  • Exceptional print quality for your best prints yet
  • Enormous 14”x14”x12.6” build area
  • Fully tested for quality and durability providing consistent prints…all the time
  • The F400 comes pre-assembled and fully calibrated so no need to set it up – just unpack and get printing
  • Choose to print with your favorite filaments*
  • Integrated color touch screen, giving you even greater control
  • Automated bed leveling leaving you to enjoy the build while the F400 takes care of everything else
  • A full complement of safety features
  • Full connectivity with WiFi and Ethernet options
  • Best in industry 2-year warranty and lifetime phone and email support
  • The components are really easy to maintain and replace if necessary and we have you covered for two years so we’ll be there in case you have any issues

Fusion3 F400-S (front)The F400 is perfect for home, commercial, industrial, educational and professional use, such are all the industrial standard specifications packed into it. So whatever your choice of plastic, nylon or metal filaments, the F400 for less than $5,000 is an absolute steal!

Project size has also been catered for in the design of the F400 since there are two options available to suit your needs. The F400-S (Single Extruder) is recommended for most customers as it produces the highest quality prints with a fantastic overall balanced performance, but the F400-HFR (High Flow Rate) is recommended for larger projects or manufacturing when faster prints are a necessity. If you’re still unsure we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

And here’s a further saving: For a limited time, every F400 purchased will also include a 2 seat license of Simplify3D, the most robust and best performing software on the market. Simplify3D allows you to estimate print time, material quality and cost before printing so you can see exactly what is necessary to build your next creation.

It’s easy to use, slicing software is incredibly fast and produces superior output for your prints, completely optimized for your chosen material. So add this to the F400 and you really can start creating straight out the box! The F400 truly is one of the best 3D printers currently available, and with the 2 licenses of Simplify3D and a full 2-year warranty you really don’t want to miss out!

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*F400 3D printer filament types: ABS, ABS Pro, Alloy910, Bridge Nylon, HIPS, InPLA, nVent, Nylon 680, Polycarbone, PCTPE, PETG, PLA, PMMA, 3D-Fuel, T-Glasse, Tritan, ColorFabb Woodfill, ColorFabb XT_CF20 and more.


Chris Ludwig
Managing Director

Press Release: 3D-Fuel™, 3Dom USA™ and 3Dom EUROPE™ to Unite Operations and Become 3DomFuel™

Press Release: 3D-Fuel™, 3Dom USA™ and 3Dom EUROPE™ to Unite Operations and Become 3DomFuel™

3D-Fuel™, 3Dom USA™ and 3Dom EUROPE™ to Unite Operations and Become…

3DOM Fuel Logo

Expanding Offerings, Enriching Quality, Launching Global Presence

Bonne Terre, Missouri, USA
March 23, 2016.

3D-Fuel™ LLC, 3Dom USA™, and 3Dom Europe™, LLC are teaming up under one roof and a new company name – 3DomFuel™.  This new conglomerate will combine the resources and capabilities of all three companies. This will expand production capabilities, enhance the quality of the 3D printing products, provide competitive pricing, and build a truly intercontinental sales and logistics presence with facilities in the USA and in Europe. The new company will continue to manufacture products under the trademarked 3D-FuelTM brand and offer 3D-Fuel’s most popular product line, Advanced PLA, as well as 3Dom USA’s and 3Dom Europe’s high-quality lines of bio-composites, exotics, and purging materials.

To bring these companies together under one roof was an easy decision for all parties involved. All three are dedicated to bringing high quality, sustainable, and highly functional materials to the market to meet the needs of the 3D printing customer. The new enterprise will continue this focus in order to develop innovative and exciting 3D printing products for the market globally.

3DomFuel™’s product lineup currently includes:

  • Advanced PLA™ (High heat resistant filament)
  • Premium PLA™ (High quality, standard filament)
  • Wound Up™ (Coffee infused filament)
  • Buzzed™ (Beer infused filament)
  • Entwined™ (Hemp infused filament)
  • Biome3D™ (Durable bio-based filament)
  • Glass Filled PLA™ (Higher strength and toughness filament)
  • Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ (Non-abrasive cleaning filament)

“We are very excited about 3DomFuel and what this means to our loyal customer base. Our new manufacturing capabilities will result in even higher quality than what has been available to the 3D Printing market. Being 100% centered on the FDM 3D printing market means we concentrate solely on what is important to all creators, from manufacturers to enthusiasts.  This, combined with our expanded infrastructure, will give 3DomFuel the ability to rapidly provide unique, sustainable, and highly functional materials to the global industry.” stated, Matthew Stegall, CEO 3D-Fuel.

3DomFuel is currently developing several new 3D printing products for FDM that will be introduced into the market over the coming months. These filaments will provide aesthetic and mechanical properties that will be unique to the industry. Manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe will work closely together in order to bring the results of the R&D efforts from both regions to the global 3D printing market.

“We have a strong focus on utilizing waste materials and by-products from manufacturing processes to develop new materials that provide unique properties to the 3D Printing Industry. Under the new company, we will have increased production and R&D capacity, enabling 3DomFuel to increase quality and material options even further.”, Jake Clark, CEO 3Dom USA.

“We are pleased to join forces with 3DomFuel, allowing us to combine our strengths in facilitating the development and commercialization of innovative functional printing filaments.” stated, Ciaran McMenamin, CEO 3Dom Europe.

Don’t settle for products that can’t match up to the quality of the 3D-Fuel brand, commitment, and functionality. If a product doesn’t carry the current 3D-Fuel logo, then it’s not 3D-Fuel’s current line of products.

Always go with the best and look for the official 3D-Fuel logo when “Fueling Your Creativity™”.

3DFuel Logo

If you would like to learn more about 3D-Fuel, to contact 3D-Fuel for a media kit, or to try some of the products, visit

Connect with 3DFuel on Facebook, Twitter.

3D Printing Is More Than Having A Printer

3D Printing Is More Than Having A Printer

The 3D printing industry is rapidly becoming known for its futuristic imaging and endless possibilities. It is even compared to ‘magic’ at times since, with 3D printing, it seems you can create anything, anywhere. Once the realm of the specialist, the thought these days is often that we’re heading for ‘an every home should have one’ scenario and that’s not just the manufacturers saying that as part of their efforts to commercialize their products. But we’d suggest that the time for that is not just yet.

The experience of many who have sought to give this idea a try has been disappointment as they found it to be an expensive, limited-use asset. But this ‘broken image’ for some consumers can create a misleading image for the 3D industry as whole, since the possibilities and ramifications still seem to grow on even a daily basis as more and more ideas and uses are unveiled.

To sum up the benefits of 3D printing is to say that virtually anything can be made and this can only affect so many aspects of both our business and personal lives. 3D printing gives us the possibility to never have to buy anything made from certain materials again and this includes metal, plastic, and ceramics. Thus the impact on traditional manufacturing is huge, the impact on the medical world is one of incredible benefits and, for the home and we individuals, we can endlessly personalize objects in terms of measurements and design and so on.

3D printing can dramatically lengthen product life and it offers the ability to create things that could not be created otherwise. It is widely recognized that 3D printing can easily replicate over 80% of the things found in a common household, which brings us back to the ‘home printer’. What is holding ‘us’ back in the broadest sense is that we are limited by the 3D models available and this comes from our understanding and usage of 3D software. This requires specific knowledge, and hiring a mechanical engineer or 3D modeler is as important as the 3D printer itself. Anyone can ‘hit the print button’ but what will be produced needs designing first.

One practical case and a common situation is where a mechanical part, whether it moves or has a support or similar function, has broken. Even though sometimes repairable, the price may be high enough to suggest the option where the ‘least cost’ is total replacement of the whole product. In this case, in could step the 3D printer and produce a low cost – high quality replacement part … but only if there is someone create the model.

3D Printing And Its Impact On Wealth Inequality

3D Printing And Its Impact On Wealth Inequality

To many, 3D printing technology is brand new, but it has, in fact, been gaining popularity for a decade now. This is not just in such as the manufacturing industry, but within consumer markets and society as a whole, where it is being used for such as personalized jewelry or even bespoke toys.

In July 2015, the Harvard Business Review reported that approximately 90 of the top 300 largest global brands already use, or are considering the use of 3D printing for prototyping and other projects. It can ‘build the whole’ or it can be used for small items required for very precise mechanical needs.

3D printing represents big time and money advantages and, as the technology advances, it is safe to say that the use of 3D printers will increase, along with competitive pricing and better capabilities and capacities relative to different industries. But therefore, as its presence and relevance grows, greatly contributing to automation, there will also be a strong impact on everyday life as we currently know it – 3D printing is potentially the most drastic form of automation that society has faced in some time.

In all the excitement, one of the often ignored topics about 3D printing, as with many new technologies, is if it will have a negative impact on society in relation to job loss due to the replacement of skilled labor. Quite simply, it is not realistic to think that job opportunities in other 3D related areas, such as manufacturing and maintenance, will increase exponentially and suddenly become available.

As the automation increases, the amount of human resources needed will, without a doubt, decrease. As this technology advances there will be an extra ‘non-human’ resource available for both industry and individual households, but this may not benefit society overall. New companies and jobs can evolve from the technology, but others will, most surely, demise.

The 3D models and printers becoming available are very likely to increase the life of our home products, making it possible to create replacement parts that are often unavailable today. The technology will certainly reduce the environmental footprint of traditional manufacturing even if the amount of goods we consume increases; but there are still serious downsides to consider.

Just as the industrial revolution brought both positive and negative things, the increased automation and presence of 3D printers in industry and the home may have the same impact. 3D printing can be whatever we desire it to be, and whatever we make it to be, but, for some, it’s going to bring about a loss of wealth as opposed to new riches.

Your Bridge To The 3D World

Your Bridge To The 3D World

Hi! We are 3D-Tools and we’re here to bridge the gap between what is and what can & will be.

That gap is, right now, rather large!

While the explosive growth of the 3d printing industry is fantastic, it’s also a bit of a challenge for those of us that would not be considered very technical in nature. While it’s not rocket science…well some of it is rocket science…it’s also some what more technical in nature than, say, setting up an HP inkjet printer.

let's see, chapter six: calibration

“Wait, so I need to calibrate the print head too?”

Sadly the days of self sufficiency have passed our society by with our disposable approach to our lives. Things are no longer repaired but instead disposed of when a problem arises. This has been a long time coming and in many respects by design.

3D-Tools is your resource to help bridge that knowledge gap.

Whether you’ve been 3d printing for a while or whether you’re new to the whole game there will come a time when you’ll need some expertise or at least advice on how to do what & when.

3D-Tools would like to be that resource for you! Our team is made up of seasoned business professionals and 3d technology pioneers plus our extensive connections in the industry ensure that your question will be handled in the most effective manner possible. Unlike others in this exploding marketplace we don’t claim to have all the answers, we do promise however to find that answer for you if you place your trust in us to do so.

As this market expands so will our knowledge & by extension yours. I’m happy to be on this voyage with you!

Why 3D-Fuel?

Why 3D-Fuel?

Spool_3When it comes to quality, there’s an old adage that suggests that you’d never be dissatisfied with the best you can get. Sounds right I guess, but within the world of 3D printing there is one disproven case and that refers to PLA filament. With many benefits supported by the environmental movement, because it’s made from corn starch or other plant materials, it really is an excellent product. So if the supporters of sustainability decide to focus on that have they made a good choice? Sounds a little far-fetched perhaps, but this ‘exotic’ material is, by far, the most sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly product on the market; now, and for no doubt, a long time to come.

drained water alga fibers close up - abstract background. extreamly blurry look

Drained water alga fibers close up.

It all starts on a fish farm somewhere in Jamaica. That’s not the only place that they harvest alga plants, but it is one of the most compelling stories surrounding this amazing 3d printing filament, where the raw material is almost free!

A bi-product of this situation is the fact that the farm no longer has to use harsh chemistry to control the algae, but now it’s simply removed from the water, using specially designed machines, on a 24/7 basis.

The lack of chemicals means considerably cleaner water which improves the overall health of the fish in the farm. In addition to this, the water can now be used in the local community, along with the fish stock to feed the hungry. It’s the fish, actually, that are the really compelling part of the story.

3D-Fuel stumbled upon the farm in Jamaica where a specific type of white fish spawns naturally; the only other place in the world where this happens is in Taiwan. The problem with Taiwan is that the aquaculture practices (aquaculture = fish farms) leave a little bit to be desired. Think open, raw sewage and you’ll get the idea! They freeze the fish, in some cases for up to a year, before they ship it to be served on restaurant tables around the world.

Now the fish coming out of the Jamaica aquaculture center are, of course, cleaner, healthier, fresh and, as mentioned, 3D-Fuel have arranged for some of them to be donated to the needy in the local population.

So if you’re looking for a 3D product that meets all your printing needs with the added bonus of feeling good about how it comes to market then you’ve most certainly found it!